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Barre is a low impact, high intensity exercise. Proven to create lasting change in your body in just a few weeks. The secret lies in exhausting your muscles with carefully choreographed, low impact movements that bring your body into the famous "Barre Shake." Perfect if you are rehabbing injury or looking to gain strength. Fast-paced and fun. See you at the Barre!

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A combination of traditional Pilates and Pilates-inspired exercise to achieve a balance of strength and flexibility. With a focus on your core, each session will awaken those deep stabilising muscles of the spine whilst increasing mobility, sculpting lean and toned muscles, enhancing posture and alignment, and working on weak and tight areas. You can move through the levels according to what is best for your body. A wide variety of movements each week will stimulate and challenge your body and keep you motivated.

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A fusion of yoga and pilates inspired choreography. Think delicious yoga stretches with strength and control work. The perfect combination!

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Hatha Yoga

We will guide you through a sequence of yoga poses, connecting movement with breath. The class will start with a focus on building strength and flexibility and end with gentle stretches and relaxation.⁠ Suitable for all levels.

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Hatha Flow Yoga

Suitable to anyone, beginners and experienced. Our practice begins with some grounded time while tuning in with the breath and preparing the mind and body for practice. Our asana (position) work starts gently before picking up the pace and intensity of the sequence. We finish our sequence laying on our back in savasana, checking in with the body and mind after practice and allowing still time. Every week a different sequence.

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Vinyasa Flow Yoga

A dynamic vinyasa flow class for your whole body and mind. You will be led from one pose to the next, seamlessly with breath, creating heat in the body and stillness in the mind. Each week will be a different, unique continuous smooth sequence of postures.

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Turn'd Up Fitness

R'n'B and Dancehall Fitness class. No dance experience required, two left feet welcome. Expect good tunes, good energy and lots of fun. Leave feeling sassy, sexy and empowered. Come join the tribe and dance with us!

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This morning flow is specifically curated to wake up, strengthen and lengthen the body. Start your day with pranayama, thoughtful music and a sense of community. All levels welcome for personal exploration, with no judgement. See you on the mat!

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About Flow

At FLY we believe in a balanced approach to life. There is a need for both yin and yang. This is why we put as much importance on our FLOW sessions as on our weight training and HIIT sessions. We believe in weight training for your muscles and bones, cardio training for your heart and lungs, and FLOW for your body, mind and soul.

Our wide selection of FLOW classes have one thread in common, they enable you to unwind. All our flow classes combine fun and tranquility, and are about muscular control and the ability to harmonise your body so that your movements flow easily and without pain. Choose from dance, barre, yoga and pilates. We offer sessions from high energy laughter-filled dance classes, to slow mindful yoga sessions. Choose your FLOW and let your body and mind reap the rewards.

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