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Feel Your Force

Upper Body

Focus on building muscle and increasing your upper body strength in our FORCE Upper Body class. Think shoulders, biceps, triceps, chest, traps and lats. This class takes place on our Upper Gym Floor.

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Lower Body

Maximise your capacity to build muscle in our FORCE lower body workout. Think all sorts of hip thrusts, squat and deadlift variations to work your quads, glutes, hamstrings and more. This class takes place on our Lower Gym Floor.

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Full Body Pump

Feel your FORCE, with focus on your whole body. Work a range of different muscles in this fully body focussed session. The exercises vary in each session so that we can teach you how to achieve a full body workout in the Upper Gym.

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About Force

Our bespoke small group training FORCE classes take place on the gym floor, utilising the free weights and cable machines. Expect to learn how to correctly squat, deadlift and weight train in ways that will maximise your capacity to build muscle and eliminate risk of injury.

The overall aim of FORCE is to teach you about weight training and to enable you to confidently use the gym. We run three types of session: Upper Body, Lower Body and Full Body Pump. Our FORCE classes focus on building muscle, increasing strength and improving form.

Weight training has many benefits from physical and mental health to aesthetics. The top benefits of weight training include: increased strength in your daily activities, improved overall bone health, decreased risk of injury due to increased strength and assistance in the reduction of body fat. Get involved in FORCE and you'll soon experience the benefits of feeling stronger and leaner.

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