Strong Mama

A 6 week course open to both members and non members. A specialised low/non-impact cross-training class for New Mums, using Virginie’s Strong Mama Teaching Method (from 6 weeks PP; pre-crawlers welcome).


MELD Movement

This series will aim at developing your strength, enhance mobility and flexibility patterns, improve your balance, proprioception and awareness. You will get stronger, you will move better, become more acquainted with your body and reconnect with that child like state of play!

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MELD Strength

In this series we will be working towards achieving full bodyweight strength. The intention behind this series is to OWN YOUR BODY. To be able to play around with ease, and throw yourself around like you once could as a child is a liberating experience. Reverse engineering and getting back to a basic state of playfulness, is a natural condition we believe everyone should possess.

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Turn'd Up Fitness

Turn’d Up is a dance fitness class with a difference. We learn routines to current R&B and dancehall tunes. The routines are broken down so everyone, no matter what their ability, can learn them and feel like they’re in their own music video! The lights are off and the disco lights are on! It’s also a fantastic all-over workout, burning 700-900 calories in an hour’s class. Give it a try, you will be hooked too!

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