MELD Movement


This series is an approach to human movement which prioritises natural movement patterns, whilst exploring the full potential of the body’s limits. We will work towards freeing ourselves from the structured repetitive manoeuvres we are so accustomed to, in order to reconnect with our intuition and curiosity.

Optimising movement prowess, bodily function and awareness is the intention. Although challenging, we will be approaching each component with a warm playful heart. Moving with our breath and remembering to smile, connect with the community and enjoy the journey, in an attempt to create harmony in mind, body and soul.

This series will aim at developing your strength, enhance mobility and flexibility patterns, improve your balance, proprioception and awareness. You will get stronger, you will move better, become more acquainted with your body and reconnect with that child like state of play!

Move - Movement Initiation
Movement Assessment
Joint Preparation
Mobility & Flexibility Drills
Strength & Conditioning

Master - Movement Execution
Body Mechanics
Locomotion & Ground Movement

Meld - Movement Integration
Movement Sequence
Linking Flow

Series Components

This series is open for ANY body and ANY ability. Everyone will be challenged at their own level and each session will be catered for your current capability. Movement coach Jamie-Lee Mound will be running this series and providing wisdom and expertise to ensure you achieve optimal bodyweight utilisation and performance throughout.

Using the body as our tool for continued practice and exploration, we can begin to understand and appreciate its complexities whilst building an awareness and understanding of the connection we have with ourselves.

Cost: £145 (Limited Early Bird Price £125!)

Don’t miss this great opportunity to level up your training and wellbeing! Please get in touch with any questions, we’re here to help.

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