MELD Strength

Meld Strength


In this series we will be working towards achieving full bodyweight strength. The intention behind this series is to OWN YOUR BODY.

To be able to play around with ease, and throw yourself around like you once could as a child is a liberating experience. Reverse engineering and getting back to a basic state of playfulness, is a natural condition we believe everyone should possess.

Once these fundamentals are unlocked, the potential to expand on to further technical skills and advanced calisthenics moves are much easier to achieve.

We will first look at building a strong foundation. This is essential for many reasons; injury avoidance, bodily awareness and core strength. Once succeeded, we will progress on to working towards headstands & handstands, certain bodyweight strength skills, holds & inversions. Although this will be challenging, we will ensure that the process is fun and you enjoy the journey.

This series is open for ANY ability and ANY body. Everyone will be challenged at their own level and each session will be catered for your current capability -

The skills we will be working to accomplish will consist of…

Handstands & Headstands
Warning - Highly addictive! These skills alone require a lot of core strength, control of the whole body, balance, kinaesthetic awareness and proprioception. Learning how to be upside down is a great goal to achieve to level up your training. It is also a great way to correct any postural imbalances, as when done correctly will require a solid foundation.

Holds, Inversions & Bodyweight Strength Skills
We will also be working towards various full bodyweight strength skills. This will include various yogic style inversions, holds and some calisthenic fundamentals too like the L Sit, Elbow Lever & Piston Squat.

Series Components

Not only will you work towards obtaining these bodyweight skills, you will also improve your posture, mobility, flexibility and balance. You will become stronger, enhance your movement patterns and become more mindful and aware of your body whilst connecting with a community of like minded people!

Movement coach Jamie-Lee Mound will be running this series and providing wisdom and expertise to ensure you achieve optimal bodyweight utilisation, performance and fun throughout.

Cost: £145 (Limited Early Bird Price £125!)

Don’t miss this great opportunity to level up your training and wellbeing! Please get in touch with any questions, we’re here to help.

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