Strong Mama

Indoor Bootcamp

Strong Mama Indoor Bootcamp

Strong Mama is an external course created and taught by Virginie Dumas.

This course is open to both members and non-members, running in blocks of 6 weeks. To book onto course, click below.

A specialised low/non-impact cross-training class for Expectant & New Mums, using Virginie’s Strong Mama Teaching Method (from 6 weeks PP; pre-crawlers welcome/ from 12 weeks pregnancy or before with written medical consent).

Cardiovascular drills, functional movement and strength exercises are safely combined & adapted to improve stamina and full body strength and to specifically support the healing & needs of the pre/postnatal body. Mums will be encouraged to work safely at their pace and in line with their energy levels, while being constantly reminded about core and pelvic floors connection & activation. Exercises will be modified for mums with specific pre/postnatal issues (pelvic floor trauma, Diastasis Recti, SPD, pelvic girdle/back pain, sciatica etc) and appropriately ‘regressed’ over the course of the pregnancy. Postnatal Abdominal separation will be measured on day 1 (subject to mum’s consent).


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