12 Items To Help You FLY Through 2020

1. Fitbit versa- £199.99

A golden oldie of mine. This was one of my main motivators to get into fitness, it made me aware of how active I was being, and pushed me to do more. My favourite part of this fitness watch? The ‘weights’ and ‘workout’ setting, where you can track calories burned and your heart rate throughout.

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2. Deliciously Ella app- £0.99 per month

Healthy vegan recipes which will keep you full, this app is great if you need some cooking inspiration. Perfect for those winter evenings when we are craving all the indulgent foods. Healthy made delicious.

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3. Sweaty Betty super sculpt leggings- £80

Lounging, running, or lifting… this is my favourite pair. Called super sculpt for a reason, these leggings fit like a dream. The high waistband means they won’t roll down when you’re in a downward dog or sprinting on the Skill Mill. The side pocket is so handy for everyday wear, perfect for loose change or your phone.

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4. Running belt- £12.99

Training for Bath Half Marathon 2020? I love my running belt for longer distances to carry your running essentials, as well as money for snacks along the way.

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5. Vegan Bulk Powder- £18.74 for 1kg

Great quality at a cheap price. The vegan blend leaves me with no bloating, I choose vanilla because it mixes best with any other ingredient.

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6. FLY Fitness annual membership- £70 per month

I can honestly say that starting membership at FLY Fitness is life-changing. I love this gym because it offers every aspect of wellness- here I have my friends and fitness. It truly has become my happy place, a feeling that I know many other women will and do have.

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7. Fringe 2020 planner- £14.70

You are 42% more likely to achieve your goals if you write them down. Plan your 2020 goals, map out your workouts, and set out your purpose for the week.

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8. Chilli bottle- £25

Doubling up on your FIRE classes? Stay hydrated in style!

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9. Sweaty Betty rucksack- £90

This Icon running backpack is a perfect mix of stylish and sporty, the click in chest and stomach straps makes it easier for you to run if you're going to be late for a class. I love this bag because I can fit my whole life in it- multiple outfit changes, running shoes, water bottle, FLY card in the secret front pocket and my diary in the inside zip pocket.

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10. Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream- £28

A winter saviour- cuts, dry patches and blemishes. Once you buy this you'll never go back.

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11. NutriBullet- £39.99

Eating on the go and want to save money in 2020? Mix up your protein shake the night before and enjoy after your morning workout. My favourite recipe- frozen banana, Alpro yoghurt, peanut butter, oats and honey.
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12. Jamie Oliver Vege- £11.99

Jamie’s cookbooks are without a doubt the best in my eyes. Wholesome, proper meals that you’ll never get bored of. There is something comforting about using a printed recipe book to cook with, we often use digital recipes but they never seem as special.

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