The Grind

Keeping It Real

"Flashback 3 years and I was exactly where you are. Someone who never thought they could run a marathon, let alone work in the fitness industry."

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Training With Eddie

"Sometimes in life, there are individuals who you come across in life who leave you entirely awestruck, even after a single or couple of interactions."

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Life After Sport

"A common question I get asked a lot is what has changed the most between life as an athlete and now."

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What’s on offer at FLY fitness?

Are you ready to FLY!

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First Love Yourself

At FLY, we are working to change the way people view fitness.

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Why we chose Bath as the home of FLY Fitness.

Myself and my wife (and fellow co-founder Tessa) have lived right here in Bath for many years, it’s a place we cherish and in our mind there is no better place to live and work.

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