My Top 5 Reasons to Practice Yoga

1. Time to Pause

In the whirlwind l call life, yoga gives me pockets of time to pause, after practice I’m able to

reset and re-asses what is important. When teaching, I encourage students to practice

without ego, move with their bodies, allowing an hour on the mat without judgement.

Pranayama (controlling the breath) can trigger the parasympathetic nervous system,

calming us down after a busy, stressful day, helping us feel more relaxed.

2. Improves Flexibility

Becoming more flexible is probably the most obvious benefit people associate with yoga,

noticing change with consistent practice. The benefits of improved flexibility go much

further than the ability to touch your toes. Relieving tight muscles can alleviate aches and

pains in the body, and when connective tissues become more flexible this can help improve


3. Present Moment

When busy, it can be easy to rush from one thing to another, feeling disconnected and

overwhelmed. When I start to feel like this I know I need to roll out my mat and take time to

ground myself by practising yoga. If like me, you’ve suffered from anxiety, you’ll know the

relief that comes from bringing yourself into the present moment, and giving your mind

respite from the constant chatter.

4. Improves Strength

Having a strong body goes much further than the aesthetics. Being strong means that we

can go about our daily lives with ease, it helps us to balance, and can protect from

conditions such as back pain and arthritis.

5. Better Sleep

There is no doubt that I sleep better after a yoga class, in particular after restorative or

gentle yoga. Meditation can allow downtime for the nervous systems, preparing your body

for a better nights sleep. With better sleep comes a number of benefits, including having

more energy to start the day with.

We have loads of yoga classes available in the gorgeous FLY Fitness Studio. I hope to see you there soon!

Stay calm, Katie x (@KatieJYoga)

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