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  • Boutique & specially designed and built for Bath.
  • World-class equipment in a world-class gym environment.
  • Dive into our expertly designed FIRE & FORCE classes.
  • Improve your wellness and mobility with some FLOW.
  • Unlimited use of our open gym floors.
  • Industry-leading personal trainers.
  • Flexible and affordable membership options, including our exclusive ‘founding member’ offer.
  • Contemporary changing facilities, complete with Ubiety products and Cloud 9 hair straighteners and dryers.
  • Exclusive discounts with partner brands, including; 25% off at Bath Thermae Spa* and discounts on Sweaty Betty and Rhone apparel.
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Signature Classes



Exercises are completed with lower reps of heavier weights, as this class focuses on building muscle and increasing your strength. Instructors will work with you to improve your technique, guiding you through each movement. Learn everything you need to know about lifting form; how to correctly squat, deadlift or how to lift in ways that will maximise your capacity to build muscle and eliminate the risk of injury.

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FIRE is designed for all types of bodies, fitness levels, shapes, sizes and ages!! A fast paced, endorphin filled, gruelling HIIT session in The Dungeon. Expect treadmills, weights, boxing, pumping music, burned calories and a fire’d up metabolism.

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Our range of FLOW classes have one common thread - they enable you to unwind. They combine fun and tranquility and are all about muscular control and the ability to harmonise your body, so that your movements flow easily and without pain.


Personal Trainers

We have a highly experienced team of personal trainers on hand to guide people of all abilities with everything from exercise and fitness programmes to nutrition and lifestyle planning.

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Life After Sport

"A common question I get asked a lot is what has changed the most between life as an athlete and now."

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