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Calorie Burn

Do you want to sweat and really get your heart rate going? FLY’s calorie burn FIRE classes are designed to get the most out of you. We use speciality cardiovascular equipment and fast moving exercises to maximise your movements to make you feel the burn.


Full Body

Do you want to feel epic, indestructible and accomplished? Work every muscle and feel powerful with our full body FIRE sessions.



Release energy in BoxFire, FLY's take on the boxfit approach to HIIT training. This is a full body workout that burns calories and gets rid of any pent up frustrations. Leave this class on a sweaty endorphin-fuelled high.


Lower Body

Do you want to strengthen your legs, glutes and core? This lower body class gets your heart pumping by mixing body and free weight exercises. You’ll become addicted to the satisfying feeling of a lower body burn.


About Fire

Are you looking for a challenge? Do you need motivation and support to get your happy hormones moving? Look no further - you need FIRE!

FIRE is a fast-paced, endorphin-filled, High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) session which takes place in "The Dungeon" (our purpose-built studio here in Bath.)

Designed by our Head Trainer and former Olympic athlete Chris Walker-Hebborn, our FIRE classes run 7 days a week, with a different focus on each day. The timings of the sessions vary from timed circuits to AMRAPS to Tabata. The classes are suitable for all types of bodies, fitness levels, shapes and sizes.

FIRE improves your stamina, increases your strength, assists with fat loss, keeps your heart healthy and your body younger, and it relieves stress! What are you waiting for?

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From our Trainers

Why should I do HIIT?

Discover the benefits of HIIT from our Head Trainer, Chris Walker-Hebborn and find out how you can join in with FIRE, our bespoke HIIT classes here in Bath.

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