Personal Training

At FLY we don't believe in a one size fits all approach when it comes to our health and fitness.

This runs through everything we do. It's why we take pride in our small group sizes, and tailored exercise classes, allowing members to benefit from 1-2-1 time with our qualified trainers, receive personalised feedback and ultimately achieve a better workout.

At different times on our health and wellbeing journeys, many of us find we'd like some some extra support to help us reach our goals. That's where having a personal trainer can be really beneficial.

Our personal trainers

Perhaps you're unsure how to get started on your fitness journey, and need the accountability and structure a Personal Trainer can bring or maybe you have a health goal in mind, or a specific event to train for and you need a plan to help you achieve it.

Whatever your reason, our personal trainers can help you to set and achieve your goals through a bespoke health and fitness programme. Plus they'll offer you a ton of advice and motivation along the way!

Ranging from Olympic athletes to experts in wellbeing and health management, we have an incredible team of qualified fitness professionals at FLY. Our friendly and supportive team can accommodate all abilities no matter where you are on your health and fitness journey.

Get connected with a personal trainer today! Email or phone us to find out more.

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