Sticking to your health and fitness goals through these times

In a severe oversimplification of everything going on at this current time, the world as we know it has changed…

…our existences have all been drastically altered, and our usual behaviours and habits have taken a considerable hit as a result.

The Coronavirus pandemic/epidemic has taken a greater toll on our lives than many of us believed would ever be the case - the full extent yet to be entirely revealed - with a particular spotlight being shone upon the way we go about taking care of our bodies and minds.

With gyms closing, opportunities to exercise essentially rationed, and lockdown or self-isolation imposed, it would be almost impossible to suggest that nothing has changed for the vast majority when it comes to how we go about exercising.

Whilst overwhelming and disorientating - as any change to routine would be - it does not have to be the case that our goals or progress need to be sacrificed, rather just repositioning ourselves to not fall by the wayside along the way.

After a few weeks trying to readjust and reposition myself, and come to terms with our “new normal” at the same time, here are a handful my best serving tips - relevant at the best and worst of times - for how to navigate these conditions and come out the other end still having achieved a few milestones over the duration…

Make a plan

It sounds simple, but having a detailed blueprint of how you want to make your way from current Point-A to Point-B is going to be a lot more valuable than a potentially lofty, overarching goal.

At any stage - and probably more so now than ever - its unavoidable you’ll encounter days you’ll want to skip or give up altogether. This sensation is one we all go through (despite our best efforts to portray otherwise on Instagram…) and it’s a perfectly normal human emotion that is okay to allow yourself to give in to, but with a plan we can help avoid this becoming a trend that gets repeated more often than not over time.

A plan keeps us consistent…whether it be a workout schedule, a habit tracker, or just smaller daily, weekly or monthly goals. Some will call it grit or determination, but it’s a lot more objective than being reliant on internal motivation, and as basic as it may come across, there’s a lot to be said about sticking to the plan, ticking those boxes and continually building upon that base of consistency.

Chunk it up

Start small and build it up vs. trying to change too many things at once.

Habits are habits for a reason - whether positive or negative - and they take a sustained period to become ingrained. Our usual ones that we have relied upon for so long, now do not serve us, or not in exactly the same form as they previously used to…but the lessons that can be learned from them are very easily cross-transferred to what we are currently going through.

Move the big rocks first, focusing on one major change you are looking to make at a time. As much as humans we like the idea of “more is better,” try to avoid persisting with additional behavioural changes until you are confident that the first one is cemented in place.

Becoming overwhelmed and increasing your levels of stress are likely only going to end one way unfortunately, with a constant cycle of great ideas, inconsistent application and likely…failure to implement.


Do stuff that you genuinely love, or enjoy for the majority of the time at the very least.

There’s countless ways to approach every facet of our health and fitness, whether that be a slight alteration to our diets or different way of eating, with a similar number of options available when it comes to training and working out.

Find the method of best fit for you as an individual. There’s no right or wrong way, so the journey is open for you to carve it however you so choose.

Happiness breeds motivation, motivation breeds progress and progress breeds more happiness - so focus on keeping that ball rolling where you can.

Be in it for the long run

There is one thing that you are stuck with for the entire duration of this current climate we find ourselves (as well as life in general)…


(Or you might be lucky enough to be sharing this lockdown period with your nearest and dearest)

So it is worth looking towards the long-term when it comes to any health-related endeavours we may set upon. Our bodies are important, with our health and ability to move confidently and freely coming towards the top of the list of priorities for a happy and successful life.

Change takes time, sustainable ones often even more so, so be prepared to be in it for the long-haul and don’t be on the hunt for that next quick fix.

Think of the here and now, by all means, but if the change you are looking to make is not one you can see yourself wanting to be doing in the medium-to-long-term, chances are it may not be the one for you!

There’s no magic pill to any of this, with the answer to every question being “it depends” and the end of the day solution being completely individualised to each and every one of us.

Current times are tough, so don’t be hard on yourself, allow yourself the opportunity to breathe, move and grow as best as possible - and in a way that serves you most efficiently at that particular moment in time.

Instead, progress comes from the non-headline grabbing principles of enjoyment, consistency and time. Find something you love to do, in a manner that you can keep coming back for and over time, the end product will be a question of when, not if.

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