Moving forward when the world is standing still

In a time where everything feels like it’s standing still, or sometimes going backwards, how are we expected to move forward with our fitness?

Firstly we must prioritise our health, both physically and mentally. Keeping this at the forefront of our mind, we must remember the importance of waking up, showing up and doing what we can. Although we don’t have the big Christmas parties or sports events to work towards, we must keep moving in some capacity. How we feel is even more important at this time, and we know how good movement makes us feel, whether that’s a slow flow or a fast paced sweat.

This all sounds fantastic, but in a realistic world we know that motivation is not at its highest right now.

So, HOW do we stay motivated? Our FLY top tips…

Find a routine which works for you

Plan, plan, plan! One of the few things that we can plan in advance (7 days) are gym classes, so why not map out a week of training? By creating a daily and weekly schedule, you keep yourself motivated, stay focused, and put yourself in a better position to determine goals and measure your results. Just remember to factor in your rest and recovery- just as important as movement! If you are someone who tends to steer clear of our FLOW classes, get yourself in the studio and book into a class which makes you slow down a little.

Make your training schedule diverse

You cannot expect to stay motivated if your training is the same every day. Have a look at your week and ask yourself whether you have a good range of movements which cover all muscle groups. The variety of your workouts is important to make progress with your fitness.

The same can be said for the weights you lift, keep these varied so that the body does not become comfortable at a set weight. Remember, progress is not made in comfort zones. Training different muscle groups and in different styles will allow you to see what you have been working too much or too little.

Take your training to the next level

Are you truly reaching your full potential in a workout? Or has your training become stagnant? Join team Myzone…

You will have seen our Myzone screen in the dungeon which lights up in FIRE classes, this links to the Myzone heart rate monitors worn throughout a class. The screen displays your active calories, heart rate and workout duration- all converted into Myzone Effort Points (MEPs). You MEPs will be added up throughout the month and can be viewed in the app with your Myzone connections. We now have over 12 FLY Myzone users in the gym, and it’s safe to say they are addicted! The best thing about Myzone is that you can track your monthly progress, the ethos is all about commitment- the longer you use your Myzone, the quicker you will go from Iron to Gold status.

For more information about buying a Myzone heart rate monitor, please speak to reception. Once you commit, you’ll never go back!

Find your workout buddy

Energy breeds energy. Surrounding yourself with positive energy is integral to your fitness progress.

Knowing that your workout buddy is booked onto that VERY early 6:15 FIRE class, gives you that extra push you need to get out of bed in the morning. Community drives motivation and keeps you committed. There is no denying that a huge part of our gym experience is the social side, remember we are all in this together.

Reaching out to a fellow FLY member and asking about their goals and why there are here, could really make a difference to your gym experience as a whole. Knowing someone’s story could really inspire you to achieve your own goals!

Our most important tip

Know that you are not alone. The FLY team would love to be a part of your fitness journey, use the tools around you and ask questions- this is what we are here for. In these difficult times it may seem impossible to maintain motivation to stay active, all we would say is that you should love what you do and how you train.

Together we FLY x

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