First Love Yourself

At FLY, we are working to change the way people view fitness, encouraging a shift away from viewing exercise as something that we feel we ought to do, to something that becomes a staple part of our lifestyle. Something that is done because we understand and value the positive effect it has on our overall well being.


There are countless well-documented physical benefits to exercise, for instance, reducing our risk of having a stroke, of developing heart disease or even Type 2 diabetes. More movement results in more blood being pumped around the body, forcing organs to work harder to fulfil their duties during exercise. The heart and lungs become stronger, in turn lowering blood pressure and cholesterol.

As we age we begin to lose bone. This slow decline begins as early as 20 years old. Exercise, particularly weight-bearing exercise, combats this by strengthening bones, joints and of course building up muscle. It can also reduce your chances of developing osteoporosis.

We all know that far too familiar feeling of being burnt out as we navigate through life, juggling work, social and family commitments. It may seem as though adding exercise into the mix will only cause more fatigue and in the very short term this may be true. However, as your body adapts to even a small increase in activity levels, this results in a natural energy boost and an improved rest and sleep pattern.


In our earlier posts, I spoke about my journey into the fitness world and how I became fascinated with the powerful effect that exercise has on happiness levels. When you exercise your brain reacts and the chemistry changes through the release of endorphins (sometimes referred to as ‘feel-good’ hormones). As anyone who exercises regularly knows, this has a fast, tremendous effect and works wonders to calm anxiety and elevate your mood.

There is also strong evidence to suggest that at any stage in life, and for both men and women, being active plays a major part in fighting depression.

Overall, exercise leaves you feeling calm and your head clear. There’s nothing better than getting moving to break up racing thoughts and to ramp up your confidence and self-esteem.

So when we recite our mantra of First.Love.Yourself, we are referring to what it means to combine physical and mental wellbeing, something that afterwards always results in a sense of pride, purpose and a feeling of accomplishment. An ability to take all of life's challenges head-on, to improve relationships with our friends, families and loved ones and to create a deeper feeling of connection and belonging within our community.

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