Make The Bath Half Your B***h

Race Day 15th March 2020

As your feet slam against the pavement, one foot after the other, you remind yourself of why you signed up for this. The idea of running 13.1 miles is completely unimaginable at the start of your journey, but you just hold onto the image of yourself running across the finish line, the crowd cheering your name. That’s exactly where I started, and what I think about when I run now. That sense of achievement plus the post-run high is something I crave and it’s the thing that keeps me going.

Setting goals means that you don’t run the risk of plateauing in your training, if we didn’t strive to push that little bit more then we would never get better. Running is the same but on a bigger scale. If I ran at the same pace and the same distance every time I ran then I would never get better. Long-distance running requires mental strength and determination, it’s about pushing it into the uncomfortable stage until it feels comfortable. That’s when you know you have improved.

If your goal this year is to make the Bath Half your b***h, then I give you this advice:

  1. Remind yourself every day WHY you chose to do this, especially on the days it feels extra tough. Why is it important to you and how will you feel after it’s finished?

  2. Make a plan. It doesn’t need to be some fancy pants athlete schedule, just a list of the runs you need to complete to get yourself race-ready. I used to write my runs into my work diary so that I became accountable. I would write down my pace, distance and how I felt after each run, and If I didn’t complete it I would mark down the reason why. That way I was able to see what I had achieved and how far I had to go until the big day.

  3. Make yourself a sick playlist, songs and podcasts that are going to motivate you and give you a spring in your step when you hit that 10-mile wall (you’ll know what I mean).

  4. Running requires discipline and organisation. Pack your school bag the night before, and set your running gear out if you’re heading out in the morning. The more time you spend procrastinating finding the right pair of leggings, the less time out running.

  5. Find your running buddies. Find a group to run with and you’ll rarely go back to solo running. Running with others pushes you and is a great way to set a pace.


Good luck Bath Halfers, Milly x

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