How To Set Realistic Health & Fitness Goals in 2020

As 2020 is well underway, it's always good to revisit or start thinking about goals you would like to set and achieve in 2020. The biggest hurdle with setting goals is making them achievable. Using short medium and long-term as the basis for your goals makes them far more manageable and much more likely to stick to them with smaller ones at reach.

Everyone starts the new year with a bang and the whole “New year, new me” cliché but for me it's not about changing yourself, it's taking the time to better your current state. So take the time to sit down and really think about what you want to achieve this year and make them relative and personal to you. Saying “I just want to lose weight” isn’t enough, with a goal like this in mind you will swiftly lose motivation. Simply change it to “I'd like to lose 5kg by July” or along those lines, this is a good medium goal to have.

The key with goal setting is making sure that they are attainable and not so far out of reach they seem impossible, give yourself a fighting chance. Once you reach your goals, allow yourself to revel in the moment, celebrate and be proud of what you’ve achieved. We work so hard every day, whether that’s at work or in the gym, so celebrate every success and milestone you hit. The follow on from this is to make sure that once you achieve your goal or goals, you reassess and implement new goals to keep the motivation going, it's very easy to hit a goal and then fall off the bandwagon. This is why we say short, medium and long-term, so in case you don’t reset the short-term, there is always another goal in sight.

I’ll give you an idea of my personal goals for 2020. Firstly, my short-term goal is to get my website up and running and branch into the online training bracket and eventually have a nice mix of both personal clients and online clients. Secondly, my medium is to deadlift over 2x my bodyweight with 200kg, bearing in mind my 1RM is currently 160kg whilst also trying to grow my new Podcast called @BathFitnessCast (give us a follow on Instagram) Finally, my long-term goal for 2020 is, a secret!

Image credit: Archive photo via Mike Lewis/Ola Vista Photography

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