We have carefully crafted our FIRE and FORCE classes, designed to build strength and improve endurance. FIRE is our bespoke HIIT class which takes place in The Dungeon, and FORCE are our bespoke weight training sessions which take place on gym floor. In our light and airy upstairs studio, we run a wide and varied range of FLOW classes, including Pilates, Barre, Yoga and Dance. FLOW classes are designed to improve flexibility, mobility and mindfulness. They are updated regularly and delivered by expert trainers, who bring with them a deep understanding of their specialist area of fitness and wellbeing.

We also have an open gym, fully equipped with the highest specification strength training and cardio equipment and a separate dedicated cardio room.


FORCE focuses on building muscle and increasing strength. You can expect to improve your technique, learn how to correctly squat, deadlift or how to lift in ways that will maximise your capacity to build muscle and eliminate the risk of injury.

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FIRE is designed for all types of bodies, fitness levels, shapes, sizes and ages!! A fast paced, endorphin filled, gruelling HIIT session in The Dungeon. Expect treadmills, weights, boxing, pumping music, burned calories and a fire’d up metabolism.

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Our range of FLOW classes have one common thread - they enable you to unwind. They combine fun and tranquility and are all about muscular control and the ability to harmonise your body, so that your movements flow easily and without pain.


At FLY, we structure our classes around the health & exercise triangle. This embodies; cardiovascular fitness, muscular strength and flexibility. As with everything in life, the key to fitness is to have a balanced approach, so at the centre of this triangle we place FUN!

Are you attempting to maintain or lose weight? To improve overall strength or achieve personal bests with weight training? Do you train so that you can feel your endorphins flow and your mood lift? Are you wanting to learn new skills or meet new people? Or, are you training with a specific event on the horizon? Regardless of how and why you want to exercise, we can facilitate it all!

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We have a highly experienced team of personal trainers on hand to guide people of all abilities with everything from exercise and fitness programmes to nutrition and lifestyle planning.

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